January 2022

Room 3 Art Work

At the beginning of the school year an Amber Flag team was formed with three staff members and a child from each class. Amber flag meetings with student committee members are held regularly, in addition to staff committee meetings after school. The Amber Flag committee have a notice board in the school which is updated regularly. A new theme is celebrated each month. Previous themes have included happiness, kindness and thankfulness. This month’s theme is love. Emails are sent to staff members in relation to each theme with suggestions of activities based on the current theme. The children recently completed some brilliant art work based on the theme “love”.

In October the committee organised a pyjama day to promote World Mental Health Day where the children and staff wore their pyjamas to school. Music was also played over the intercom on this day and the children were encouraged to dance and sing along.


This month’s theme is “love”.


Our Amber Flag Committee 2021/ 2022