Designated Liaison Person: Marie Dineen

Deputy Designated Liaison Person: Helen McEvoy.

If a child discloses information to you:

  • Listen.
  • Do not ask leading questions.
  • Offer reassurance but do not promise to not to tell.
  • Explain that other adults may need to be told (D.L.P.)
  • Do not stop the child speaking.
  • Do not over react or comment.
  • Inform D.L.P. if you have reasonable suspicion or reasonable grounds for concern that a child is at risk or has suffered abuse the D.L.P. should contact Túlsa and report it.
  • At the earliest opportunity, record accurately what the child has said – using the child’s own words. Record date/time and context of the disclosure. Use child’s registration number – not child’s name.
  • Facts only.
  • Sketch signs of physical injury if appropriate.
  • Retain records for a period of 21 years in keeping with the School’s Record Keeping Policy.

The following should also be reported to the D.L.P:

  • An account from a person who saw a child has been abused,
  • Injury consistent with abuse.
  • Dysfunctional behaviour.
  • Implausible explanations for injury or behaviour.
  • Consistent evidence over a period of time that a child is being emotionally or physically neglected.