This month the first class children received supplies so they can clean up the school community.

The children are doing an excellent job keeping our school clean and tidy.

Well done to Skye who became our first “Picker Pal”.

She did an amazing job cleaning up McAuley Park.


This month we made a huge effort to ensure that we disposed of our waste properly.

Each classroom now has a recycling bin, a general waste bin and a compost bin.

At the end of the day the children take the bins from the classroom to the main school bins

to make sure that we dispose of our waste properly.


This month the Green School’s Team, alongside the wider school  community, hosted a Halloween dress up day.

The focus was an reducing, reusing and recycling.

The children made some amazing costumes from recyclable materials.

Well done to everyone who participated.


At the beginning of the school year our new Green School’s Team was selected.

The committee is composed of one child from each classroom.

The children are making huge efforts to promote environmental awareness and care within the school community and the local area.

The school are working hard to try and achieve their fifth green flag for biodiversity. We are making a conscious effort to reduce our negative impact on the environment.