School Lunch

Hot meals are provided free of charge by the Department of Social Protection and Dublin Corporation. At small break children have their healthy snack which they can choose from a variety of options; fruit, yoghurt, crackers and rice cakes to name but a few. Lunch consists of a choice of hot meals. There are 5 meals to choose from daily, including a vegan option. All meals follow the guidelines from the Healthy Ireland nutritional standards recommendations. At the beginning of the academic year, you will receive a form on which you can make a selection for your child’s lunch each day.

Children also have the option of ordering a small bottle of water or a carton of milk which will be supplied with their lunch daily. Alternatively, you can supply your child with a drink in a flask/ water bottle of their own.
If your child does not like the school lunch you have ordered, please let the class teacher know and you can make a new order-at any stage throughout the year. If your child does not like any of the school lunch, they can bring in their own lunch from home, in line with the school’s healthy eating policy. If this is the case, please let the class teacher know and we will cancel your child’s school lunch.

Healthy eating: is encouraged as part of the curriculum in school. It is school policy therefore, not to allow crisps, biscuits, bars, sweets or fizzy drinks at lunchtime.
Due to the possibility of allergies, we do not permit birthday cakes.
Leftovers and empty milk cartons are brought home.